Our unique web-service is much more than just a delivery gateway of the briefing package to the pilots. holds all the data that you collect from airports, handlers, aircraft and much more. On you are able to save knowledge from you previous flights and make it available the next time you fly to a specific destination. This prevents you from making the same mistake twice. 

Without the requirement for human interaction, trip-tailored briefing packages are automatically created and made instantly available via The briefing package includes the operational flight plan/flight log along with updated winds and temperatures, ATS flight plan copy, trip-tailored Notam briefing, surface weather briefing, wind charts, cross-sectional wind chart, significant weather chart as well as company messages and company Notams. Additionally, a special upload feature allows a flight service provider (FSP) to upload additional pdf documents applying to the flight. Through a private label service offering, any FSP can tailor a excactly to the client's needs. is of course available as an app for iOS and Android platforms.