"My Comment about PPS7? I have not worked with 8 yet. But PPS7 is the fastest, easiest and the best dispatch tool I have ever worked with and no other can compare. In ad-hoc flying I need a system that can make a flight plan and file it in less than 5 minutes. PPs does it. No matter where the crew is, pilots can print out a full briefing with logs, WX, winds, W&B, Notams and any docs I may want to send them. 

Try that with another system - it will take much longer. Pax arrives early - need to advance the flight plan? In 2 minutes it is done - and all this worldwide. Be it a PA28 or a G550, it works!

Here's a few more great features: email and/or SMS anyone that needs to know about slot info, RWA analysis, insert of last-minute info in field 18, price calculation, great support service. Would I use another system? No."

Eric Kriner
Ground Ops Manager  


“We are very much positive for PPS growth in the market. AIR SUPPORT understands our operational requirements without the need to change our nature of operation. PPS is certainly one of the best and extremely flexible flight planning programs we have ever had.

In addition, we have learned things about the marketplace and managed to redefine our own operational strategies and products that made us a better seller.

HADID thanks you for your excellent support for past and coming years.” 

Issa Zuriqi
Regional Director, Africa–Asia-Australia
Hadid International Services



“PPS has been a valuable system to London Executive Aviation since 1997. It has provided all of our flight planning and Crewbriefing requirements over the last 17 years which has seen us rapidly expand both in fleet size and aircraft diversity. Particularly useful is Crewbriefing which allows our crew to download their plogs, weather and Notams from wherever they are in the world”

Christopher Watson 
Commercial Manager 
London Executive Aviation Ltd


“PPS helps us achieve the goals of Binter Canarias. The award is for all of us involved.” 

Lorenzo Hernandez-Abad
Jefe de Control Operacional
Binter Canarias

Binter 2.png


“As a trip-planning provider, AIR SUPPORT management, support staff and flight planning systems help us keep our customers happy.”

Djamal Nedjadi
Flight Operations Director
Jetex Flight Support