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for request for audit:
Jesper Brochman, Quality Director

Send an email to info@airsupport.dk or

“Our quality management system is not only prevention and control – it’s also an attitude toward work and an important element in the safety of aviation…”


Quality Manual, AIR SUPPORT A/S

Our quality policy

AIR SUPPORT states and regularly evaluates the company’s objectives and policy within each specific activity and take the necessary initiatives to ensure that the objectives are met, that objectives and policies are compatible and reflecting the current trends and development in aviation, and that the policies are suitable, understood and adhered to within the entire organization.

Contact us for information about our quality manual or generel related questions.

Quality certifications and on-site audit

AIR SUPPORT A/S carries numerous certifications with international authorities. Since there does not exist an international ISO certification standard specifically for Flight Planning software nor service providers, nor any EASA or FAA certification standards for such suppliers, such systems can only be approved by the local CAA on a per client basis.

In case your local CAA wants to run an on-site Quality Audit of our company, our software products, and the data services, they are welcome to request such an audit directly to the Quality Director Jesper Brochmann in our quality department via info@airsupport.dk

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