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Runway Analysis

Runway Analysis (RWA) includes the evaluation of aircraft performance based on runway conditions. Maximum take-off and landing weight is analyzed and derived based on runway configuration, obstacles and terrain. RWA reduces workload and helps increase efficiency, enabling you to free up resources in your busy operation.

Learn more about which RWA applications PPS integrates within our Integrators section.

Fully Customizable Flight Log

Based on an intelligent software architecture, our state-of-the-art flight log design can be fully customized, all the way from operational level down to user level. We always make a careful setup for you during the implementation phase. Only want to see new NOTAMs for today? Or perhaps some navigational information is just not relevant to include? No problem. Our aircraft data specialists will make it all happen.

Seamless EFB Integrations

The electronic flight bag (EFB) technology constitutes the future of flight information management for flight crews. PPS integrates seamlessly with the majority of the best Class I and Class II EFB solutions on the market today through rapid data export/import flows. Yet another example of the future-proof flight planning solution we offer.

CrewBriefing App

The CrewBriefing app is a light mobile version of the online CrewBriefing web service (crewbriefing.com). Through a very simple and intuitive user interface, your crew can easily access the latest briefing package for the flight, including the operational flight plan/flight log along with updated winds and temperatures, ATC flight plan, trip-tailored NOTAM briefing, surface weather, wind charts, cross-sectional wind chart, significant weather chart as well as company messages and company NOTAMS. After downloading and reviewing all necessary flight information, documents can also be printed or e-mailed as well as accessed later in offline mode.

The CrewBriefing app is of course compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

CrewBriefing Recalc

Let your crews instantly recalculate last-minute changes to the flight at any given time following the initial flight planning process. Recalculations can be based on regular or company-selected parameters, such as aircraft, fuel, number of pax or cruise profile etc.

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