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Open Flight Log Layout

PPS enables flight service providers to tailor the flight log layout to meet customer demands. This gives the customer an exclusive opportunity to tailor the flight log layout to the exact business requirements. With changing business requirements over time, a specific flight log layout can easily be adjusted to the current operation.

Pay-per-use vs. Flat-rate

Our flight service provider (FSP) concept appeals to both large fleet operators as well as ad-hoc operators, who wish to sell flight planning services. Regardless of which price structure you choose to focus on, a subscription gives you access to PPS, incl. free route analysis, global WX updates, NAV updates and core system upgrades. The unique web service CrewBriefing will also be accessible at all times.

With a pay-per-use arrangement, a monthly subscription consists of a small license fee combined with a pay-per-use price rate per flight plan. This ensures very low implementation costs. Running costs will always follow your production level. Thus, volume discounts apply to pay-per-use rates depending on how many flight plans you file on a monthly basis.

Alternatively, specific aircraft tails can also be placed in a flat-rate arrangement. This is an ideal option for aircraft operated on a more regular basis.

Both price structure options can of course also be combined.

Private-Label Crewbriefing

With the possibility to set an appropriate logo in CrewBriefing, you give the crew stability through recognition and the brand is visible throughout the operation. A company logo provides consistency and acknowledgment among crew members and staff.

Free Access To Generic Aircraft Performance Data

Gain free access to our comprehensive archive of generic aircraft performance data, which is regularly updated by our aircraft specialists. Once you have downloaded the necessary files from our Help Center, you can easily install them on your PPS account in just a couple of minutes.

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