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Our Singapore Office is open

Our Singapore office is openPremium flight planning software available in APAC countries  New...


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Aircraft Commerce LHR 2022

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AeroSpace Tech Week ATWA 2022

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ATAC Conference and Tradeshow 2022

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Plan your meeting with Thomas Johannsen, sales manager Americas, and Peter Gravesen, CCO, already...

Aircraft Commerce APAC 2022

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ALTA AGM & Airline Leaders Forum 2022

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In the section below you can see guides on how to find the latest release notes and further information on OpsControl | Flight Watch.

Release Notes

Log-in to our Help Center and find valuable software information

Did you know, you can always download and read the latest release notes on our software products via our Help Center?

Once you have logged in to our Help Center (i.e. click on “Help Center” on the right hand side of the menu bar on our main website ppsflightplanning.com )

Go to the category “Release Notes” and choose the software product you want information about.

Under Help Center you are also able to find more relevant information about our products and improve your efficiency e.g. FAQ, manuals, etc.

You can also subscribe to PPS Service Messages here and receive updates directly in your inbox.

PPS Help Center Release Notes
OpsControl Flight Watch

OpsControl | Flight Watch

Visit our OpsControl | Flight Watch website and learn how you can get operational control at all times:

  • Live aircraft position side-by-side with planned route
  • Detailed Post Flight library
  • Live MVT messages
  • User defined notifications, alerts and warnings
  • Multiple coverage options for worldwide coverage
  • GADSS compliance
  • Be one of the first to try OpsControl | Flight Watch

Existing users will need to reload OpsControl to get the latest version.


You are always welcome to contact us either by mail info@airsupport.dk
or call directly regarding your request on our main telephone number +45 7533 8889.

Do you want support on the product you are currently using please contact us via support@airsupport.dk

or do you want to know more about new products please mail to sales@airsupport.dk