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What is the key to AIR SUPPORT’s customer service success?

“It’s all about people”

Henrik Holm, newly appointed Chief Customer Support Officer (CSO) in AIR SUPPORT A/S, doesn’t hesitate once being questioned about his success as a leader within the aviation industry. He continues: “The success we have in the customer service area is largely due to the good work done by our employees in both the sales and support department.”

PPS It is all about the people

People as in being our customers, people as in being our staff.  This picture is from one of AIR SUPPORT’s user group sessions in Amsterdam, where customers were invited to participate.

It’s all about people…

People being our customers, people being our staff. To exercise good customer service, it’s crucial that our staff has the necessary experience and a fundamental understanding about our products. It is just as crucial, that we have a reliable insight into the operations at our customers. The better we know our customers and their needs, the better we can help them, both on a daily basis but also with future development. At management level we have an ambition to be the best in class when it comes to customer service and support. The key, to achieve this goal is our staff, and I’m absolutely confident, that we have the best team available to reach our goal.

A world in motion

A large part of our customers has been using PPS for many years, many for more than 10 years and even quite a few for more than 20 years. Their business has grown over time, new markets, new aircraft types, new business areas. We continuously need to adapt our products and services to match the needs of our customers in a world in motion. This is where our motto comes in; Flexibility makes the difference.

So how are we doing…?

“I believe we are doing pretty good. Once a year we conduct a Customer Satisfaction survey. The survey gives us a good insight to how we are doing on our support. However, I could wish for a higher response rate.”

We receive inquiries either by phone or via our ticket system (mail). When we close an inquiry in our ticket system, the customer is asked, whether they are satisfied or not with our service and support. Any kind of additional comment from a customer to our survey, is naturally highly valuable. The customer satisfaction for our ticket system show 95,1% satisfaction, based on 1436 feedback reports in 2019. That was an improvement compared to 2018, which were 92,8%.

It’s the same picture, we have from the annual customer satisfaction survey. Naturally, we have a high focus on the customers not being satisfied with our service. We analyze every situation and initiate corrections where necessary.

We have different KPIs, which we monitor on monthly basis and just to mention an important one:

94% of Customer service tickets received on a monthly basis are solved, actually we solve 1 out 3 inquiries within the first hour. That’s pretty good having our service level agreement (SLA) in mind.

It is also important to mention, that we have implemented a new ticket handling system during the summer, and for the time being the satisfaction survey module is not enabled. The new ticket system is phase one in upgrading our entire customer relations management system. The system assists that we can deliver even better and faster service and support to our customers in the future.

Our customer service success is all about people. People as in being our customers, people as in being our staff…

Henrik Holm


Newly appointed CSO Henrik Holm

Henrik joined AIR SUPPORT in 2015 as Director for the Support Team, coming from a position as “Manager North Atlantic” at NAVIAIR , the Danish national air traffic service (ATS) provider. Henrik spent 18 years with NAVIAIR in various positions primarily dealing with aeronautical communication services, briefing and flight planning, search and rescue coordination, ATS and Air Traffic Management.

Peter Gravesen, CCO, AIR SUPPORT, concludes: “We mean it, when we say we have the best support in the industry. “

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