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Let's meet up in Victoria, Australia

Plan your meeting with John Tan today. He will be attending the exhibition from the 28 Feb to 2nd Mar 2023.

Let’s connect at the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exhibition in Victoria.

Explore the worldclass PPS Flight Planning Software system and OpsControl.

PPS Key Features:

  • Total Cost Optimizing Tool
  • Precise Real-time Calculations
  • Workflow Automation
  • 24/7 Support Service
  • Powerful CrewBriefing
  • Competitive Pricing and Terms
  • Research and Development
  • Integrated OCC
  • Great Usability

 The PPS Cost Optimizing Tool

Start planning on total cost calculated per-leg basis, resulting in lower operating costs per hour for you and improved cash flows…  Read more about PPS’s key features and benefits

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